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Forbidden Fiction, No Such Thing As Taboo
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From the moderator: I have an admitted bias toward stories with a dark bent,
from BDSM to torture and violence and all of the emotional jumble that comes with it.
Sometimes I worry that stuff I write is too dark for some communities...so...here I am, making a new one.

What this community is: This is the place where the dark stuff can come to live. There are no boundaries here, no line that can't be crossed, no taboo that's too taboo. That isn't to say that there aren't rules. Strict ones too.

Who can join: Anyone. This will be a community of very adult themes, probably not suitable for anyone under 21, definately not for anyone under 17. All posts must go under a friend's cut.

What kind of fiction are we talking about?: Any fandom (and not just the ones in the interests, that's just me getting started), any original fiction, any RPS. Please label everything before the cut so everyone knows what's under there.

Are Crossovers allowed: Yes, as long as they are clearly labeled.

What about graphics/icons/vids?: Again, label well and put everything behind a cut. In fact if you do graphics and icons, and would like to make some for the comm, we would appreciate them.

Challenges/Prompts/Ficathons: I'm not promising anything...but I will likely toss these out from time to time, cause I don't know about the rest of you, but sometimes my muses really latch on to these.

Comments/Feedback: These are the lifeblood of writers. If you read, comment. Not that that's an order, just good manners.

On to the rules:

1) Please include a subject line that, at minimum gives the title, Fandom and Rating of your fic. I expect most ratings to be from R, NC-17 or M.

2) Please include above the friends cut the following information:


Author's Notes/Disclaimers

3) Please be specific in your warnings. If the fic includes rape, incest, bondage, death, etc, say so. Not everyone likes the same kinds of darkness.

4) Any post that is not behind a friends cut, or link to a journal/archive will be deleted. It may be reposted with the cut/link.

5) Please tag your post with your LJ name, fandom and title so that we can create a nice, searchable list of tags to find favorites later on.

That's it for now, I think. These rules subject to change, though I'll likely make a comm post when that happens.

Due to recent issues with interests and journals getting deleted, the interests for this community have been modified to remove anything that would get us deleted. This in no way indicates that these stories aren't to be posted. As always, there's no such thing as taboo


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