April 8th, 2013

DD Loves Apple Pie

Dark Journey

Title: Dark Journey – Act 5
Pairing: Sammy/Deanna
Featuring: Demon Rafe
Rating: NC-17
Warning: het, incest, dirty talk, cuffs, collar, rough sex
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or any of these characters, but I would enjoy collaring Sam and Deanna for my own pleasure.
Summary: Twenty one year old Sam Winchester had always desired his beautiful older sister Deanna. He wouldn't act on that desire because he felt it was wrong. Then one night while Sam was drunk after a fight with his father, a demon took over his body. The demon decided to take Sam and Deanna on a dark journey of sexual domination and subjugation.

You must do one more thing to prove that you are my Pet and will do anything I ask of you.” Sam declared as he propped himself up on his arms and looked into her wide green eyes.

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